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Saccharo® is a natural, sugar-free and calorie-free, plant-based sweetener. It has anti-inflammatory benefits and is high in antioxidants. More than 250 times sweeter than regular sugar and without the unpleasant aftertaste, it also does not raise your blood glucose levels.

inspire healthcare saccharo winner in sugar war

Do you know?

Overconsumption of sugar could lead to premature wrinkles, acne breakouts and other skin conditions.

As the largest organ in our human body, skin problems could provide the earliest sign that a person may have diabetes.

If you want to have healthier skin whilst still being able to indulge in that occasional sweet tooth, Saccharo® has got your back.

Inspire Healthcare is proud to be a Gold Sponsor at the Global Dermatological Nursing Group Meeting (held in conjunction with the World Congress of Dermatology 2023 in Singapore). We shared with participating nurses from around the world on how Saccharo® and other products in our suite of complementary health solutions can be a useful part of their toolkit.

GAND Flyer w Speakers v4 Final

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The familiar tastes and aromas of home,
with a healthier twist!


Harmony™ is Inspire Healthcare’s world-leading sugar free, lower in sodium, no added MSG iteration of soy sauce, a traditional must-have in many Asian kitchens.

Naturally brewed by passionate master sauce makers to an original, heirloom recipe, HarmonyTM is your best choice for whipping up sumptuous AND healthy meals for your loved ones.

Now available at good stockists near you.

King of Food Therapeutics - King Agaricus

King of Food Therapeutics

King Agaricus

KA100®, derived from King Agaricus mushrooms, was awarded the winner of “Product of the Year – Botanical” by Nutra Ingredients-Asia Awards in 2020. Clinically-backed by 32 clinical papers and more than 25 years of research by Japan’s leading institutions, KA100® brings many therapeutic benefits including anti-cancer efficacy, improved immunity, reduction of chemotherapy side effects, lowering of hypertension, and protection of liver and heart.

King Agaricus 100® 1.5mg x 30 sachets

King Agaricus 100® 300mg x 150 tablets

Inspire Healthcare products - King Agaricus Sachets

King Agaricus 100® 1.5g x 30 sachets

King Agaricus 100® for Pets 300mg x 30/150 tablets

King Agaricus 100® for Pets 300mg x 30/150 tablets

Making farm-to-fork fresh nutrition a reality 

Storex / Growex / Chillex

According to the United Nations, conflict, COVID-19, climate change and growing inequalities are converging to undermine food security worldwide. Coupled with an unacceptable 13% of the world’s food lost between harvesting until arrival at retail markets, no country, well-off or otherwise, is spared from the pain of soaring food prices.

Globally, 1 in 10 suffers from hunger, while nearly a third of lack regular access to adequate food.

Change this through a modular combination of Storex controlled atmosphere storage facilities, Growex controlled atmosphere indoor cultivation facilities, and Chillex™ microgrids and gas-tight pods, to help local communities master their environments to eat and live better, in a sustainable manner.

Safe & sound with Neureka Sleep


Neureka Sleep is an AI-powered sleep monitor that provides valuable insights into the sleep patterns of people with epilepsy. By alerting caregivers of any changes, Neureka helps to ensure earlier treatment interventions and a safer journey towards seizure freedom.