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About Inspire Healthcare

About us

A Singaporean start-up, dedicated to revolutionising the landscape of health, diet and wellness. Through a commitment to innovation and creativity we strive to inspire individuals to prioritise their well-being while fostering positive lifestyle changes. Our mission extends beyond individual health to encompass the global healthcare community where we aim to serve as both collaborators and innovators. The main approach of Inspire Healthcare involves building strategic partnerships with like-minded individuals and organisations leveraging collective skills as well as expertise to address complex global healthcare challenges.

The core of our philosophy is a dedication to patient-centric care. We believe in developing holistic solutions that encompass all aspects of health from diet and physical fitness to mental well-being. Leveraging on our network of partners, we aim to build an ecosystem of complementary products, services and solutions that address real-world problems and deliver better health outcomes. A focus on innovation drives us to continuously seek out new solutions with a commitment to inspire, innovate and create better everyday lives. Inspire Healthcare is definitely poised to make a meaningful impact on the global healthcare landscape.


We aim to Inspire, Innovate and Create better everyday lives for individuals, add value to sustainable businesses and deliver transformational experiences to communities – leading to a healthier world.


We seek to serve the global healthcare community as a collaborator & innovator; by plugging gaps in the ecosystem, identifying inefficiencies, and creating possibilities and opportunities.

Management Team


Jasmine Goh
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

A visionary, Jasmine has over 20 years of leadership experience in the business IT industry with MNCs, Public Listed Companies, Governmental Agencies, and the State Enterprise Sector. She has played a pivotal role in overseeing Inspire Healthcare’s finances, operations, and sales from emerging markets divisions. Under her stewardship, the company has had the opportunity to contribute its capabilities to the healthcare communities as they navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jia Wei Fang
Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

A dynamic and experienced business leader with years of global commercial experience in channel distribution and partnerships in the FMCG, healthcare and technology space. Jia brings to the company his strong expertise in forging strategic collaborations and international joint ventures. He combines excellent technical grasp and business craft to deliver quality solutions to the market.

Madeline Ho
Senior Commercial Director

Madeline is an award-winning, strategic-minded commercial leader with over 15 years of experience leading sales teams successfully. She is recognised for her strategic implementation skills and smart business decisions to achieve strong market positioning and sales targets. The tenacious Johnson & Johnson alumnus is also praised by former staff and colleagues as a resolute people leader who is always selflessly nurturing and uplifting her team as well as cross-functional team members.

Martin Reincastle
VP Corporate Office

Martin has more than 35 years in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry holding numerous senior positions. He is skilled and experienced in the areas of sales, marketing, strategic planning and business operations.

Desmond Goh
Senior Sales and Marketing Manager

Desmond has devoted more than 20 years in the region, developing sales teams and strategies and achieving sales targets for multiple brand owners across various product types. With his flair for languages and cross-cultural expertise, he has an eye for what makes our regional partners tick, ensuring successful collaborations and results.

Advisory Panel

Dr Swee Yong Peng

Dr Swee Yong Peng
Medical Director

Dr Swee Yong Peng is formally trained both as a Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine physician. He is widely regarded as one of the first doctors in Singapore to hold this unique double medical qualifications. As the former CEO of Parkway Shenton and ParkwayHealth China, he has more than 30 years of clinical experience as well as 20 years of management experience in listed healthcare companies. In 2016, this doctor who holds an MBBS degree from the National University of Singapore was awarded the Shanghai Magnolia Award for his medical contributions. He has also previously held positions such as Vice Chairman of Singapore Chinese Physicians’ Association, Vice Principal of Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Assistant Professor of Duke-NUS Medical School.

Dr Dan Peres
Key Opinion Leader

Dr Dan Peres is a highly accomplished and versatile healthcare executive with extensive experience in clinical development, business strategy and execution. With a proven track record of success in leading and managing cross-functional teams, he drives innovation, and establishes strategic partnerships within the pharmaceutical, medical device industries, academia, and healthcare. In recent years, Dr Peres has focused on RWD research in its entirety, addressing the need for access, and the role of technology in this space, to create multiple partnerships with data partners, ensuring the value for pharma when accessing healthcare data while supervising the research process to gain valid clinical / commercial insights.

Dr Lee Fang Jann

Dr Lee Fang Jann
Key Opinion Leader

MBBS (Spore), MRCS (Edin), MMed (Surg), FAMS (Uro)

Dr Lee Fang Jann is a Consultant Urologist and Medical Director of URODOC, a private practice with broad-based expertise in the treatment and management of all urological disorders. He has over two decades of clinical experience in the evaluation of urinary tract conditions, treatment of kidney stones, urinary tract cancers, prostate enlargement as well as male sexual and reproductive health issues. Dr Lee completed his medical undergraduate study in NUS, underwent urology specialty training in Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and pursued subspecialty clinical fellowship training in renal and pancreas transplantation in Oxford Transplant Centre, United Kingdom. Prior to starting his own practice, he headed the surgical renal transplant program at SGH while also serving as the Director of Andrology.

Pam Holt
Key Opinion Leader


Pam is a seasoned healthcare leader with an entrepreneurial spirit and proven record of achievement creating and developing new strategies, innovations and improvement plans to generate business growth and profitability. With proven aptitudes in multiple leadership positions including healthcare, technology, operations, sales and consulting, Pam’s demonstrated ability to build strong teams and communicate with all levels of professionals from diverse backgrounds delivers a winning attitude focused on accountability, and this enables her to continuously exceed goals and expectations. Pam is also an expert in building new businesses and improving existing businesses that deliver exceptional value to clients and stakeholders while driving innovation and transformation. 

Dr Li Xiaotao
Key Opinion Leader

Dr Li is an experienced postdoctoral fellow with a demonstrated history of neuroscience research at MIT and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. With his PhD degree focused on brain and cognitive science from The University of Hong Kong, Dr Li has published a dozen peer-reviewed papers involving vision neuroscience, tissue engineering, biomaterials and microbiology. He brings a multi-disciplinary approach especially with deep-learning neural networks to conduct industrial development of AI-based mental healthcare tech, like using eye-brain engineering.

Felix Wang

Felix Wang
Financial Advisor

Felix Wang was the General Manager of Administration, Accounts and Finance at Itochu Plastics Pte Ltd, a company with a turnover of over US$1billion. He has deep experience in formulating policies to ensure good corporate governance in accounting, administration, tax, finance and cash management matters. Over the course of his career, he has led large scale restructuring of corporations, assisted in mergers and acquisitions of multi-million-dollar companies, and is a frequent panel speaker at CFO conferences.

Dr Timothy Low
Key Opinion Leader

Dr. Timothy Low is a highly esteemed medical doctor with over 30 years of experience in both public and private healthcare sectors. He has held prominent leadership positions such as CEO of Gleneagles Hospital and Farrer Park Hospital in Singapore and Head of Healthcare Investment at Pavilion Capital (Temasek Holdings). His career also includes senior roles at Shire/Takeda, Covidien/Medtronic, Schering Plough/MSD, Covance and GSK. Dr. Low has received numerous accolades, including “Best CEO of the Year” (2017), “Most Media Savvy Personality” (2019) and “LinkedIn’s Top Motivational Speaking Voice” (2023). His exceptional contributions during the Covid-19 pandemic were recognized with Singapore’s Public Service Medal in 2023.